The Blue Hills Fire Department Training Division is headed by Captain Vincent Jaunai.

Firefighters at the Blue Hills Fire Department participate in three to six hours of training every week. The education is both classroom study as well as hands-on experience, including eight hours of live fire training every year. This important educational experience takes place at a special training facility where fires are started in a controlled setting and firefighters go through pre-defined exercises.

Additional training includes proper hose work technique so that hoses are effectively brought into buildings, including upstairs and down below grade and training on ladders.

There are eight hours of hazardous material training, and all entry level firefighters must be hazmat certified at an operational level, with continuing education on an annual basis.

Coming into the department, our firefighters must receive more than 160 hours of training with the state fire school and everyone in the department will keep current with CPR practices by recertifying every other year. We also train on the AEDs that we carry on all fire apparatus.

Volunteer firefighters are required to attend and pass the same training and certifications as career firefighters. The commitment these men and women have made to our community is tremendous and I am proud of each and every one of them.