Blue Hills Fire Department fulfills its mission to protect the community. They manage the budget, oversee staff, and govern the operations of the fire district, while verifying that taxpayer dollars are efficiently and effectively used in ensuring the safety of our community.

The Commission is enormously proud of the department’s accomplishments in training, community outreach, and the equipment acquisition. We are committed to continuing the growth of the department, by representing and serving the fire district to the best of our abilities and to holding ourselves to the exacting standards that all the firefighters and the community deserve.

Ariel Marzouca-Jaunai
(Commission Chair)

Tel. 860-310-2835

Donna Banks
(Vice Chair)
Tel. 860-310-2840

Barbara Taylor
Tel. TBA

Ariel Marzouca-Jaunai,  Chair, Board of Commissioners

As Chairwoman of the Blue Hills Fire District Board of Commissioners in the beautiful town of Bloomfield, I would like to take time to offer my sincere and heartfelt congratulations for the tremendous job each firefighter accomplished during the pandemic and this year. Under the leadership of Fire Chief Willie Jones, we have accomplished many things.

We banded together as resolute public servants for the mission to protect, serve, and keep our residents and visitors safe from harm.

As your commissioner, my colleague Commissioners Donna Banks, Sheray McDowell and I will always have an open-door policy for our “Hero First Responders,” and our amazing families of Bloomfield. You are our priority. We will continue to have our firehouse location as a place for family, friends, learning and fun activities to bring us together.

We welcome residents from all career backgrounds to come and join us to become a Volunteer Bloomfield Firefighter. Whether you are experienced or not, we provide best-in-class service training. Please contact our Chief for details. Becoming one of our volunteer firefighters is most rewarding, purpose-driven and fulfilling.

As we continue to grow and develop our department, we will always keep you informed.

Ariel Marzouca-Jaunai