Who We Are

Founded in 1926, we are a combination department consisting of over thirty volunteers and five career full-time firefighters. Our department also includes a Fire Marshal’s office that provides fire prevention, suppression, and rescue services to 12,000 of the 21,000 residents.

We are considered as District 3 on the East side of Bloomfield. The district consists of three fire houses. The head office (Headquarters) is located at 1021 Blue Hills Avenue with our substations located at 779 Blue Hills Avenue and 13 West Dudley Town Road. We are an independent municipality who sets the tax mill rate for the district and uses tax revenue for our daily operation. The district is governed by three Board of Fire Commissioners that is elected for a three-year term.

The Commission

Blue Hills Fire Department fulfills it’s mission to protect the community. They manage the budget, oversee staff and govern the operations of the fire district, while verifying that tax payer dollars are efficiently and effectively used in ensuring the safety of our community.

The Commission is very proud of the department’s accomplishments in training, community outreach and the acquisition of equipment. We are committed to continuing the growth of the department, to representing and serving the fire district to the best of our abilities and to holding ourselves to the high standards that all of the firefighters and the community deserve.Learn More About the Commission »

Message From Chief Willie Jones

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome our residents and visitors to the Blue Hills Fire Department. The Blue Hills Fire Department is a department that serves the community with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

I have been an active Firefighter for 40 years and rose through the ranks and was appointed Fire Chief in May of 2018.

To date, our department consists of five full time paid firefighters and over thirty volunteers that are committed in providing the best level of courteous and responsive services to the citizens of Bloomfield where they can respond through the rapid response system to all emergency calls from any of our three fire stations.

As Chief, I will continue to focus on the mission of the department by remaining a leading emergency service provider by meeting the needs of the community in emergency fire prevention and fire suppression. Additionally, giving top priority to fire fighter safety and environmental concerns, encourage the professional and personal development of our members, continue to work as a team to take full advantage of knowledge, skills, and creativity and most of all, communicate openly and honestly to our members and community to inspire trust and confidence.

As we move forward, I am proud of all my firefighters as well as the Blue Hills Fire District, Board of Fire Commission for their leadership and dedication. In my role as Chief, one of my many tasks is to ensure that all my firefighters get home safely to their families at the end of each shift.

I stand ready to serve our community providing “Excellence through Service.”

Community Outreach

The Blue Hills Fire Department is more than a protector of the community. Our firefighters are a part of it, and we offer several engaging community events during the year to support the people who live, work, and visit this beautiful part of Connecticut.